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Shimano Exsence C3000MHG

Shimano Exsence C3000MHG

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The Exsence is part of the Magnumlite series and offers exceptional lightweight feel, both in the hand and when retrieving. Perfect for inshore saltwater lure fishing, especially with lightweight rods, it makes the perfect ‘finesse’ option for lighter fishing techniques.
If you are looking for an ultra lightweight saltwater lure fishing reel, there’s not much better than the Exsence. It has a huge following around the world, especially with Sea Bass anglers, who appreciate how it balances lighter rods so well. But there is more to Exsence than just Sea Bass fishing.
The smallest 3000 size weighs in at only 180g, making it a brilliant light rock fishing reel, where you will appreciate the finesse and directness of the Magnumlite technology. Conversely, the larger 4000 size has the fast speed (6.2:1 retrieve – 99cm per handle turn) to fish effectively at range, plus the power to stop fast running fish in their tracks.
Although remarkably lightweight, the ultra strong HAGANE Magnesium Body and X-Protect technology protects the inner workings of the reel from stress and water penetration. Internally the Exsence makes best use of HAGANE Gear, MicroModule II, X-Ship and Silent Drive for ultra smooth, high efficiency rotation. The combination of a quick gear ratio, Long Stroke Spool and ultra light overall weight improves fishing performance across a wide range of lure styles, especially when fishing with finesse methods, or even at range with speed. The Exsence is also a top performing ultra light rotation freshwater lure reel, perfect for fine diameter braid. And if you prefer your reels with understated, stealth-like graphics, there’s nothing better than the Exsence satin black finish. It’s simply stunning.

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