Collection: G-Loomis

MOTIVATION. All anglers have it. It’s the lens providing focus. The foundation of action. The game plan every time you wet a line. For some, it’s the relentless drive to advance their craft. To gain knowledge, experience, and proficiency with unflinching confidence. The devotion of structuring life to maximize time on the water. A tacit desire to be the best. If these words resonate with you, welcome to “our tribe.”

Like yours, our motivation is clear: We exist to heighten angler experience through creating tools that expand tactical opportunity, boost effectiveness, and enhance natural ability. We develop solutions for experienced hands, designed to complement capability. For you, we strive to expand what’s possible to achieve the unattainable.

Our DNA is comprised of three equal parts: Technology, Innovation, and Design. Since 1982, we’ve contributed innovative materials and manufacturing technology to the angling community. Examples include early graphite construction, advanced guide trains, Multi-Taper Design, advanced resin systems and most recently – our proprietary Spiral X construction process, a fundamentally unique method of building a graphite blank.

As you continue to explore our brand, consider the parallels between our motivation and yours. After all, shared values and expectations create trusting relationships. Thank you for believing in what we do. In return, we’ll continue to build the tools required to be the best at what you do. FEEL CONNECTED.