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Megabass Quiet Griffin

Megabass Quiet Griffin

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Red Eye Glass Shrimp is a precious colour that is only available in some items such as Baby Griffon and Live X Margay. It features a green pumpkin-type clear body that blows pale blue pearls, and realistically expresses crustaceans such as moe shrimp and long-tailed shrimp that have just molted. As it is called glass shrimp, it emphasizes the transparency of the shrimp, and it is a color that has a different charm from the matte coat crayfish color. The biggest feature of this color is the change in color tone between front and back lighting. When the light is direct, the faint blue pearl shines, and when the light is backlit, the clear base body has a pattern that resembles the joints of a shrimp. Also, although it is called Red Eye, the eyeball is not the usual red eye, but the pink eye that goes well with this color. As any angler who has ever lit a shrimp with a light at night will know, it faithfully imitates even the way the shrimp's eyes glow pink in the dark. It is a particularly effective color in the weed area, so please try it when you capture the bass that eats the moe shrimp on the weed.
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