Collection: Raid Japan

At RAID JAPAN, we create our products based on one major ideology. That is to ”Always be a fisherman”.
As lure fishing is sport undertaken in nature, ideas and discoveries from the field will lead to the development of new products.
Therefore, our first priority at RAID JAPAN is to be out in the field.
Everything starts from the field. All the answers are out there.

Anglers are the ones that come face to face with the targets and first handedly experience the field.
This is why we need to be “fishermen” before beginning to create something.
We must always face nature.
The ideas and desires found in the field are the main driving force at RAID JAPAN.
In the past and for our coming future, this stance has and will forever stay with us at RAID JAPAN.
The true essence of product development can only start in the field.
”Always be a fisherman”.
This is our principle at RAID JAPAN.