Collection: Eco Gear

ECOGEAR was founded by MARYKYU CO., LTD and Norio Tanabe in 1993, under the genuine concept of “making lures that catch more fish than any other lure.”

Historically, we stared with soft lure “POWER WORM series” ,which contained tastes and smells that fish really loved and was still relatively new at the time. We then expanded to manufacture mainly saltwater game fishing lures.

After more than 27 years since our inception, we have a message for those anglers who love using ECOGEAR.

Firstly, we’d like to express our appreciation to the anglers who have supported ECOGEAR until now.

Secondly, we pledge to continue challenging ourselves to produce goods that remain in the memory and go down in history.

We will strive to push the boundaries of game fishing , and utilize our experience to move ECOGEAR forward.